Services and Pricing

Prices for Resumes, Cover letters and Selection Criteria (Government Job Applications)

For more information, please feel free to contact me. Please read the terms and conditions before purchase.

Strides Ahead Package – Professional Resume and cover letter – This applies to Job Seekers from all industries.  Please note, the only other resume writer in business longer than Andrea, Gayle Howard of Top Margin, charges $1000 per resume.  Prior to Purchase I recommend you read the information on how the process works here – don’t worry it’s not a long page!

This includes a first draft and two additional drafts as needed – docs in word and PDF

Resume $249 and cover letter $50 – Total $299 – please contact me for payment details

I can provide either a paypal invoice (credit card) or a quote (bank deposit)


ACCELERATE – One-on-one Coaching and advice with Andrea Drew. $239

Not sure about which way to go? Career Goals? What are the best tools to use?

Not sure why your applications are being disregarded?  Or simply need a bit of brainstorming with someone with over 18 years experience in resume writing, job search and career strategies?

This service includes phone consultations and two skype conference calls of up to 60 minutes each.

Who is this for?

* Clients who need intensive advice on strategic approach to applications for both advertised and non advertised positions.

* Clients who require help with mindset, message and action. Basically, we will outline and refine your goals before preparing your message (resume and cover letter) and then we will formulate and drill an action plan for job interviews.

Once your payment has been received I’ll be in touch to schedule our calls.

 Selection Criteria are Government Job Applications and are written separately to a Resume or Cover letter.  Most Position Descriptions ask for anywhere between 4 and 8 Criteria to be addressed.

I also recommend you have a look at this page on the Australian Public Service Commission “cracking the code” which will prove invaluable to you whether I write the document for you or not.

Please email me individually (contact page) and provide me with a copy of your resume and the position description. Note: links will not be accepted.  It is not my role to a) find out what the selection criteria are for you and download the position description or b) conduct research on your behalf to determine word limits and closing dates.  If this information is not provided, I cannot quote accurately and may not be able to assist due to time constraints.

Number of criterion to be addressed

Once your payment has been processed, paypal will notify me automatically.  Please expect a confirmation email advising of the next step within around 12 hours at the most (depending on time of payment) but usually, if you pay on say, Tuesday evening, usually by Wednesday morning you will hear from me.

Express Service Fee $199 Note: This speeds up turnaround times from 3-5 days to 24-48 hours including after hours (evenings and weekends) Note: One express service fee applies in addition to the above for resume and cover letter, two express fees for resume, letter and selection criteria.



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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I would like to have a written resume & cover letter, however I could not find the link to make payment at PAYPAL, can you please advise?

    Thank you, Natalie

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