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Want to skip the reading and go straight to the movie version?  This video presentation “How to Write a Resume” will reveal all…

Let me turn your dry, lifeless resume into a powerful marketing tool.

That’s what you need right? A resume that sells you so recruiters immediately notice it and are favourably impressed.

You want recruiters to say: Hmmmmm. I have to meet this candidate.

 How can you make that happen?

Well, for starters you need to realise a “shopping list resume” will not do the job. A shopping list resume is a hastily put together list of bare essentials and lists duties anyone in that particular job can do. It doesn’t highlight your skills or make you stand out yet, in my 18 years of reading through resumes, it is what most look like.

How can we turn your shopping list resume into a dynamic resume? Firstly, you order and pay on the “Services and Pricing” page. Then I will email you my questionnaire to learn all about you,; your goals, your skills and especially stories about problems you’ve faced on-the-job, how you solved them, and the results. Once I receive your information I will email you a first draft of the documents you’ve ordered for your input. Usually, after 2 drafts, we’re done. You will receive the work as both word and pdf documents and then you are free to submit to your heart’s content! (Bound copies and electronic copies on a USB stick can be provided for an additional charge.)

Once you get your job, I ask you to leave your rave feedback on my independent review site. One thing to keep in mind is this – the faster you respond and the more information you provide in the questionnaire, the better the resume I can write for you.

For the past eighteen years, I have created over 7000 resumes and it is very satisfying to know I have made such a HUGE impact on hundred’s of client’s abilities to open doors, gain interviews and land the ‘job of their dreams’

I say this because I have lost count of the number of people, just like you, I hear from who are frustrated in their efforts to turn their resume from a dry and lifeless descriptive document into a powerful marketing tool. They don’t know where to start and are time poor. Which is why they write the dreaded…


What is a shopping list resume? Well, what is a shopping list? It’s that hurried, scrawled list of stuff you need that you write so you remember what to buy at the supermarket. Only problem is, a resume is not a quick description of what you do day in and day out it’s a sales pitch. Yes, I’ve used the dreaded word, sales. I know, you aren’t comfortable with selling yourself, most people aren’t. Which is where I come in. No, the reader won’t think you are bragging or that you are arrogant. If there is ONE time in your life when you need to sell yourself it’s now. But how to turn those dry, lifeless shopping list resumes into a powerful marketing tool?

Consultation with a real life person not a resume ‘wizard’.

You may be familiar with one of those Internet tools which ask you  pre-formulated questions and you just pop in the answer. The problem with these is a wizard can’t “hear” a nuanced answer. When I speak to you on the phone or correspond by email, I can pick up on details that can make your credentials stand out. A computer wizard can’t do that and neither can a one-size-fits-all resume wizard. I can also give you tips and advice for your job search and interview coaching as well. I like dealing with real people and I’m guessing you do too.

After eighteen years of writing resumes and government job applications, I understand the pitfalls and challenges you face when trying to describe yourself. I can be objective. It’s really hard when you are ‘in it’ to strike the right balance between accurately providing a snapshot of your career, leaving out the useless stuff, and focusing on what works. Your story. Your challenges on a day-to-day basis. What you do consistently to sort out these challenges. Hopefully also, those amazing results you achieved because of your persistence and consistency!

I can help you remember your story and then tell it.

What are some of the issues I solve for clients on a daily basis?

I act as a port of call for stressed, anxious job seekers just like you who are keen as mustard to get their application right but have no idea how. “I feel so much better after talking to you” is something I hear over and over from clients.

Extracting from you to those situations, challenges and specific incidences which are relevant to your resume (and culling the not so relevant).

Rephrasing questions in different ways so that you fully duplicate what it is that I need – then weaving this vital information into resume gold.

Taking the jumble of letters, words, stories, actions and information and moving it into a coherent, organised and effective format, and writing your new marketing documents from there.

Here are some other job seeker stories, maybe you can relate to them?


Julie was working for a governmental department and wanted to gain employment in a department she had worked in previously.

She had, however, gained additional experience in project management since last working there and really wanted to emphasis this to her former colleagues. Her challenge? Produce a two page document addressing five “key competencies” whilst also providing examples of actual situations she had handled which demonstrated her proficiency in each key competency.

Her challenges were time, anxiety, deadlines, the fact that she “really, really wanted this job”.  Unfortunately her document, as it was worded, was a bit of a ‘brain dump’. It lacked form, used complicated terminology and did not follow a clear sequence.

Speaking to her after normal business hours (which was what clinched the deal for her) I was able to clarify the situations she had been in and put them more into context to get a better overall picture of her unique situation. I was able to draw out from her some amazing achievements she had previously overlooked and forgotten about. I took the time to untangle and eliminate the complicated words, and drew upon my experience and training in writing resumes selection criteria for positions in the public service to simplify the document. This greatly improved her marketability by providing well set out, professional marketing documents (resume and cover letter/selection criteria).

The result was a resume that demonstrated Julie’s achievements. More importantly, the resume actually documented her achievements with quotes, statistics, and awards.

Says Julie “I love it, I was so concerned because I am in Brisbane and you are in Melbourne and I was wondering ‘How are we going to do this?’ But I am REALLY happy with it – done at very short notice I might also add (24 hours).

As we both agreed “thank goodness for email and internet!”


Nerida was working for a large, country-wide fabric retail chain. For such a young graduate she had some really impressive achievements. The trick? Gleaning the pertinent details from her completed questionnaire and getting a real sense of the differences she had made, including the fantastic feedback gained from senior management. This was done effectively in two drafts. When Nerida’s designer partner called me several months later to also have me expertly write his resume, he casually told me that Nerida had gained her pick of three jobs, which she declined until she got the right ‘fit’ with a large prestigious company, closer to home and paying a higher salary.

So what do you need to do now? Either order RIGHT AWAY or perhaps look at some samples of my work and find out how the process works, buy my ebook or call/email me now before you forget! You can even ask for a free resume critique/review here.

Here’s to your career success!


P.S.  If you’re feeling a tad guilty about hiring a resume writer, don’t. You’re tired after a day’s work or a day looking for work. It takes high energy and hard won know how carefully applied to write resumes cover letters and selection criteria professionally.  I’ve done it for 14 years.  You will be an important part of the collaborative effort it takes to build a great resume. By hiring me you are working “smarter” not harder.


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