4 Ways to Land your Next Job

4 Ways to Land the Job of your Dreams – After the resume

1.  Cold Calling

Yes I know these two words can drive fear into the best of us.  But keep this in mind.  In the 17 years I’ve been a resume writer, I’ve received a handful of calls from job seekers wanting to work in my business.  Why?  I figure cold calling is confrontational.  Most of us imagine the person on the other end of the phone will be rude to us. They won’t I promise I’ve done it and out of 646 calls one person proved slightly abrupt. Maybe if you were selling pens at dinner time they might be, but you’re offering help to resolve their recruitment issues, hiring is a recurrent problem for employers, and if you go this route, you won’t be.  Think about this.  Start with ten short one minute phone calls.  Something like this “Hi, my name is Jane, I’m calling to find out if there are any job opportunities at Acme Industries at present?” Or “Hello my name’s Jane, what is the company procedure for expressing interest in current or future employment opportunities.”  Per the feedback I have gained, this can work like magic, it’s an open market place – IF you do so in sufficient numbers.  Focus on the number of calls per day or week, no matter how small, NOT the end result of each phone call.

2.Pounding the Payment

If very few people make cold calls, even less turn up in person. Yes, its an old fashioned idea but it works.  86% of all vacancies are unadvertised. Okay, so maybe in today’s internet age you’ll be told to apply online, but maybe you won’t

I still see signs in store front windows. Choose an area, and follow up with phone calls.

3.  Research – Business Review Weekly (BRW) puts out an article annually or bi annually of the Top employers, and lists why. Yes, volume of applications can work, but so can a small number of targeted applications.  Find employers that share your values, for example, the Body Shop shares some of my values.  Write them a letter about why you want to work for them, and how your values align with theirs.  Everyone wants to believe they are your only one, even employers

4.  Follow Up – Set reminders or Use a spreadsheet. Ever received a phone call from an employer and thought “Hang on, which job is this for?”  Rather than being on the back foot, keep a record of which positions you’ve applied for and set reminders for two days, five days, a week and longer if needed to help you follow up and call them, rather than waiting for employers to make contact.  Applying this one strategy can mean the difference between success and failure.

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  1. A note from someone who worked in the recruitment industry for 20 years…this is a brilliant article. All these strategies work… so if you are a job seeker, do your homework and then take action and be master of your own destiny.

  2. Such a great post and relevant for my son who’s just about to go cold calling with resume in hand. He’s doing some research tomorrow, visiting the business to sus it out, has gathered the name of the manager so he can personalise his cover letter. Thanks for the tips!

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