I’m too old to get a new job…

As a pro resume writer of 18 years, I hear this a lot, particularly from people of my…*ahem* vintage.

I get it.  Take Trevor for example.

I met him at one of my seminars, and he hung around afterwards to talk to me.

At 56, and with decades of experience as a Sales Manager, he’d been working for a friend as a contractor for 18 months.

He’d eaten into his savings and his marriage was on the rocks.

I told him to send me the resume he had.

Nervously, he sent it through and immediately I saw the problem.

No achievements, no stories of how what he did saved the company time or money.

I asked him about this and embarrassed, he told me about a time he’d overcome a problem

A major supermarket was about to delete one of their lines, one of their biggest sellers.

He spoke to store managers, and convinced them to keep it going for a while for just a bit longer.

The guy was a persuader.

So I told him I’d use my persuasion skills to sell him the right way to employers.

And I did.

Fast forward two months, and I got a call from Trevor. He’d got a job interstate, closer to family, paying six figures, leading a team of 20 sales staff, with a shiny new car, lap top and mobile phone.

You could say it was a friendly call.

It’s calls like that, that keep me going, remind me of why I do this.

I understand.  I’ve been there myself.

It’s demoralizing sending out your resume and getting cookie cutter responses, or even worse, no response at all.

You know you can do the job with one hand tied behind your back.

It’s perfect for you, right location, good money.

You’ve researched the company.

But in the face of rejection after rejection, there’s only one place to look and that’s yourself.

It’s not your fault.

In today’s internet age, it’s easier than ever for anyone to point and click and send off an application.

It’s human nature to wonder if there’s something wrong with you, but let me tell you there isn’t.

But there’s more than likely something wrong with your resume.

With 18 years skin in the game, I might have an idea what it is.

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To your career success.

Andrea Drew