One small change can catapult you into success…

Hi everyone

I wanted to inspire you for the week, with a recent story of someone I spoke to, and how one small change can shift your progress into a dramatic upward trajectory and set you up for a lifetime of prosperity

Sound unrealistic?  Wild?  Crazy?

Well if you’ll bear with me for a minute and move in a bit closer, I’ll tell you the story of a friend of mine, let’s call him Mark for the purposes of this story.

I’d known Mark for twenty years, but his career had stalled.

He’d been a sales manager for years, but he was frustrated.  Working in a job where his abilities weren’t being fully used, and not earning the money he thought he should be paid.

Mark wasn’t greedy.  Just a small increase in a company where his achievements were truly recognised was all he really wanted.

So of course, I invited him over.

After we’d finished chewing the fat (it had been a while since my husband and I had seen Mark so we had a great lunch with lots of laughs)

Eventually we got around to the business at hand, and we sat down and he showed me the resumes he’d been using.

There were so many versions of this thing I lost count.

I asked Mark why.

He said “Well, I’m a sales manager, and a pilot.  So, you know, I need more than one resume.  Guys that want a sales manager don’t want a pilot, and guys that want a pilot don’t want a sales manager.”

I thought about this and reserved my comments until he’d finished.

I also noticed he hadn’t written any achievements into any of the documents.

I told him that I thought the opposite was true. Mark looked at me like my second head had begun to sprout from my neck.

I went on and told him that very few sales managers had not only a pilot’s license, but possessed numerous other qualifications which made him fairly niche as an applicant, or potential employee.

He looked at me blankly, but I told him to bear with me.

I rewrote his resume with these things in mind and sent it off to him a while later.

I called him and said “Hey Mark, I’m going to make a big call here.  I’m going to guess you get your pick of three job offers within the next three months.”

“Oh, okay then mate” he said in that way only long time friends can.

Of course I forgot about our conversation, and went on with the daily business of writing and helping where I can.

Four months later Mark called me back.

“Hey Andrea, how you going?  I thought I’d call you about that prediction you made.”

“Hi Mark what’s happening?”

“Well remember when you said you thought I’d get offered three job offers?  You were wrong.”

“Okay” I said, bracing myself for whatever bombshell he had ready to drop.

“I got five job offers. I’m working for a mining company that flies me in and out of San Franciso.  My salary is six times what it was.”

I paused for a moment to take this in.  Then I laughed.

“I forgot to mention the commission aspect” I said.

Then we both cracked up.

I tell you this not to brag, but to make the point, that some of us can sometimes think, that we know what employers want, and don’t want.  That we know what they want, and that includes, well, you know, they don’t want to know about that other “unrelated” stuff.

But in some cases, the opposite is true.

Hopefully this has inspired you to be open to possibilities, however far fetched they may seem at the time.

For your free resume critique, no strings attached, just email your word document through to me at andrea(at)

I’ll do the rest.

With the right attitude, the sky is the limit.

Here’s to your future, may you flourish and prosper

Until next time

Andrea Drew

Freelance writer since 1998

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