Ebook – from a Professional Resume Writer of 18 years

NOTE:  If you’re looking for a professional resume without the expensive price tag and need your big career break or perhaps your dream job, then the following is a letter you simply MUST read from beginning to end!

How a broke, unemployed sales manager with no money for  a Professional Resume went from dole queue to dream job in less than 30 days!

And how YOU can apply the proven-to-work resume writing techniques that helped him make it happen!

Dear Job Seeker,

If you’re looking to get a break that could lead you to your dream career, or if you’ve tried desperately for a foot in the door, only to get knock back after knock back, you’re not alone. And you’ve certainly come to the right place!

You see 95% of people fail miserably in their search for a simple job interview – 95%!!

They put in the effort to create a good resume.

They buy the appropriate clothing to make a lasting, great first impression.

They take the time to learn the effective job interview techniques for success.

But instead of an invitation to a job interview, they get the cookie cutter, “Thanks but you were unsuccessful” letter, notifying them of job application failure.  In other words, they don’t even make it to the job interview stage!

Sound familiar?

If that’s been your experience so far, listen up chances are it’s not your fault.  Chances are it’s not your lack of experience or qualifications that’s letting you down.  It’s something as simple as your resume.  In fact, I’m almost certain it’s your resume that’s not cutting the mustard for you.

In other words, you’ve probably got one heck of a lot going for you in terms of the job you’re applying for – you just need one thing – the right resume representation!

And that’s where I can help you!

I’m Andrea Drew and today, I’m one of the country’s most well-respected professional resume writers. Since becoming a professional resume writer way back in 1998, I’ve written resumes for over 7000 people and as a result, helped them land not only jobs but dream careers.

You know – the kind of career you’ve wanted your whole life!  Not just a pay cheque, but an amazingly incredible career that fulfils you on absolutely every level.

I’ve helped thousands of people achieve this, with effective resume writing techniques that are proven-to-work.

I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve this, with effective resume writing techniques that are proven-to-work.

But before I became Andrea Drew the pro resume writer, I was Andrea Drew the Mum with an idea that I could write and help others get their foot back in the industry door!

I found myself learning my craft and decided to ask friends and family for contacts of those who needed help and came across Trevor, an out of work Sales Manager. He’d found himself out of work unexpectedly and as for the job market – wow! The game had certainly changed since he’d last applied for jobs, and the way resumes were done…well, it had changed a lot too.

Like you, he’d experienced all too well and all too often, the knock backs. He was convinced he’d done the right thing with his resume preparation and job applications… but it got him nowhere.

Trevor spent many days sitting or wandering around aimlessly asking himself, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t something as simple as applying for a job actually get me the interview I need? Why can’t I get a job?”

After a conversation with me, he realised that it wasn’t him at all.

That’s when he learnt he was well and truly worthy of the positions he was applying for.

He realised for the first time that there had to be an art to creating a resume worthy of him. He knew he had the credentials, the experience and the runs on the board when it came to the jobs he was applying for.

So we both knew it was the resume letting him down.

But rather than just sit back and take the rejections, he decided to do something about it. Together we learnt the art of resume writing. Not just airy fairy words laid out all cute and nice on the paper – but effective, proven-to-work resume writing that would get results time and time again.

And learning that took him from dole queue to $130k/year dream career in just 30 days!

We couldn’t believe it! You see, after all the rejections he’d had – rejections you’d understand too in your job seeking quest – he’d all but given up.

He thought he was doing everything right and it was just down to picky, unrealistic employers.

He thought, as you just read, that there had to be something wrong with him, that perhaps he was lacking somehow and not qualified for the jobs he was applying for.

When I learnt the techniques of effective resume writing, I was sceptical as to whether it would even work for me and my future clients. I was a true sceptic, but I knew I had nothing to lose – so I gave it a go, I applied what I learnt and…

… it worked within 30 days! Trevor was able to say goodbye to being broke and hello to a well-paid career that ticked all the boxes.

That was quite a few years back now, and today my career path has led me to help others turn their dreams of career fulfilment and satisfaction into a reality.

And I can do the same for you too:

×        Not through expensive job preparation training;

×        Not through boring resume-writing workshops (they bore me as well!); and

×        Not through career counselling or intensive training…

…But through you learning and applying all the proven-to-work dream job achievement strategies that worked for me and many others!

And they’re all outlined for you in my ground-breaking e-book, “Pro Resumes Made Easy”!

I know you’re pressed for time and I know you just want to learn what you need to learn so you can get out there, apply for the positions that ticks all your boxes and start booking the job interviews.

That’s why I was compelled to put into a simple, convenient e-book all of my proven-to-work resume success strategies.  Something that’s easy to read, and something you can do in your own time without having to leave the comfort of your own home – or invest hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Now, I know, I know. When you read “proven-to-work” you could easily dismiss me as merely blowing my own trumpet. After all, this is the internet, and you see lots of horn blowing everywhere – Facebook and of course, sales pages.

And it annoys me as much as it annoys you! So I’m sparing you the hype!

That’s why I decided to enlist the help of a few of my many happy clients to share with you their experiences of how my “Pro Resumes Made Easy” system – the one this e-book is based upon – worked for them.

Here’s what those happy clients of mine had to say about my skills (taken from an independent website) as well as responses to my ebook “Pro Resumes Made Easy”:

“Andrea, thank you again!  This new resume has got me an interview after no response at all for the last eighteen months!  I’ve had four interviews over the last four weeks and this morning was offered a National Sales Manager position with a major food manufacturer and distributor paying six figures.  Not bad considering I’ve had no interviews for months and been in a lesser contractor role since being made redundant eighteen months ago.  Thanks again!”
– Trevor R, Senior Sales Manager

“Andrea, your book is amazing!  You don’t talk down to the reader; you just give them the info they need.  It is such fantastic value and chock full of vital information.  So much so that a person really can’t go wrong.”
– Kerrie A, UK

“Andrea, after reading your e-book, all I can say is WOW!  I should have read this a LONG time ago!”
– Henry D, IT Manager

And now YOU too can achieve job success by learning and applying what you discover in, “Pro Resumes Made Easy”

Here’s what you’ll learn when you get your hands onto my e-book, full of proven-to-work resume techniques. You’ll discover:

How to get more job interviews without spending a fortune on professional resume writers (page 6);

What real, winning resumes look like because I provide you with samples of effective resumes that got interviews for my customers (pages 24 and 77);

The SINGLE most critical resume step that means the difference between success or failure and can GUARANTEE a resume that gets results in hours (page 16);

The biggest resume blunders and how to avoid them (page 69);

How to avoid creating an embarrassing resume that ends up thrown in a bin with a laugh (page 76);

What you must do NOW to dramatically increase your resume response rate by 100% (page 10);

The one explosive secret that’s sure to get you more job interview requests than you could have ever imagined (page 19);

My most VITAL and confidential tips that most job seekers will never discover ;

Samples and examples of winning cover letters (page 82);

         All the secrets from an expert Resume Writing Veteran, in the business since 1998; and

         The specific A-Z step by step guide on how to write a winning resume, not a general what do to guide – commonplace with all the e-books you’ve seen on the topic so far!

In other words, everything you need to do in order to turn your resume into a job interview magnet is in my e-book…

So any ideas on what your investment will be?

An arm?

Perhaps a leg?

Maybe an arm and a leg, with your pedigree dog or cat thrown in there for good measure?

No way!  I’ve got all the arms, legs and pets I could want right now, so I’m not interested in that.

What I am interested in is sharing with you the proven-to-work resume writing strategies that have helped me, and also my clients, to score the job interviews and ultimately, the job they want!

That’s why I’ve decided to make, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” super accessible to as many people as possible.  Because all of us deserve happiness and career fulfilment.

So, I’ve decided to make an offer to you:

You can get your hands on, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” for the one-time-only investment of just $97 $47!


That’s a saving of $50…!

By applying all you learn with my e-book, “Pro Resumes Made Easy”, you’re going to get so many job interviews that you will need to use the spare cash you have saved by doing your resume yourself on all the things associated with attending job interviews:

  • Fuel for your car;
  • Food when you’re out and about;
  • New shoes;
  • New accessories;
  • New business suit; or
  • Hairdressing and professional nails.

Whatever your situation, you’re going to be preparing for the job interview invitations that will certainly come your way, as a result of your super effective resume!

So, my deal stands – you can get your hands on my e-book, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” – for instant download, for only $97 $47!

And it’s an investment that will pay for itself many, many times over…


I put 100% confidence in the proven-to-work strategies outlined in, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” so much so that I back my e-book with my “60-Day, No Risk, Unconditional, 100% Money-Back Guarantee”!

If you purchase the e-book, read it in its entirety, apply the strategies to create your new resume, then send your resume out as part of your job applications, but you’re not impressed with the results, write to me right away to let me know.

I’ll refund you the purchase price you paid for, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” – no questions asked!

So by taking action right now and ordering the e-book for yourself, you have nothing to lose. In fact, if you apply what you learn, I guarantee that you:

  • Will receive job interview invitations;
  • Will generate real interest from employers;
  • Will be filling your diary with job interviews; and
  • Will soon find yourself in the job position you really want!

So, are you ready to make job seeker success happen for you, right now?

If so, click the BUY NOW button below.

YES!  I want my copy of, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” right now!

It’s an offer you really can’t ignore, because as I said, chances are:

  • You’re cut out for the job you want;
  • You are ready to accept the position you’ve dreamed of;
  • You deserve career fulfilment and happiness; and
  •  Your current resume is probably the ONLY thing between you and your dream job!

“Pro Resumes Made Easy” will help you turn your dreams of the perfect career into YOUR reality!

And by ordering your copy of, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” today, not only will you get it for the one-time-only investment of just $97 $47, backed up by my money-back guarantee and real life testimonials – you’ll also receive FREE OF CHARGE, the following “Pro Resumes Made Easy Bonus Bundle”!

It’s valued at more than $300 and it contains:

Resume Review (Value: $97): Once you read and apply everything you learn in, “Pro Resumes Made Easy”, you can email your resume directly to me so I can personally review it.  Remember, I am one of the country’s most sought after professional resume writing experts who has been in the business since 1998.  I’ll ensure your resume hits the mark and WILL get you real results. Normally $97, it’s FREE for you as part of this bundle, when you order the e-book!

Power Words that Sell (Value: $29): All the power words that will really add clout to your resume are revealed in this convenient, e-book for instant download.  Apply all you learn in “Pro Resumes Made Easy” and include in your resume just a few of these power words and see REAL results! There’s over 100 power words to choose from – and they’re available for you in this FREE e-book!

Job Hunter’s Handbook (Value: $37): Once you’ve applied all that you have learnt in, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” and implemented your selection of power words, it’s time to learn the most effective job hunt strategies.  This complimentary e-book includes for you the 7 steps to sharpen your interview skills, tips on how to network your way to job success, the common job seeker FAQ’s and how to think outside the square to get the job you want! It’s valued at $37, but free when you order, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” today!


Free updates to the, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” e-book (Value: $97+): When you come on board with me, I’ll be with you for the long-term. I won’t just leave you to read my e-book and hope you apply everything you learn and leave it at that. I make myself available to my customers, and continuously inform them of new and better ways to success via amazing resumes. So, if new editions of the e-book are released, you’ll receive all the e-book updates absolutely free. I’ll send it to you absolutely free…and they’ll be available for instant download. That’s free for you when you order!

Order, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” today with my full money-back guarantee, FREE bonus bundle valued at over $300 – and all for the price of just $97 $47 and get everything you need for job seeker success!

That’s all yours for the taking right now…for the cost of a café lunch for two!

You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else on the internet.  You certainly won’t find a deal like this that also provides you with full access to the professional resume writer behind it!

So, if you’ve decided that NOW is the time to:

  • Really DO something to make your job success happen;
  • Take ACTION to make your resume work for you;
  • Invest a LITTLE money to change your situation for the better; and
  • Do what it takes to LAND the perfect career opportunity for you

…you know what to do!  Click the BUY NOW button and take that vital, essential first step to snagging that job you’ve been dreaming of!

Say goodbye to rejection letters and hello to filling your diary with job interviews for GREAT JOBS!

I’m here to help you, and I’m with you 100% of the way…from where you are now, to the job YOU DESERVE!

So BUY NOW and let’s make your job success happen – together!


YES Andrea!  I want my copy of, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” right now!

To YOUR ultimate career success,



Andrea Drew
Professional Resume Writing Veteran and Author

Note: I’m always happy to talk to job seekers. You can always call me on 03 8802 1429 or via email andrea(at)@career-chick.com.au

PS The Pro Resumes Made Easy strategies can work for you if you’re committed. If you’re sincere about wanting to reach your goals, then don’t put this off! Make a decision that could improve your life today! Right now, if you don’t decide to take the first step towards getting the job you’ve always dreamed of, you will remain in that unsatisfying job where you earn a low income and will one day look back wondering and regretting that you never gave finding job satisfaction a go.

PPS Remember, with the “no questions asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by at least trying my Pro Resumes Made Easy strategies, but you need to act quickly because your dream job is out there waiting for you so click on the link below to order today.

PLEASE NOTE: Pro Resumes Made Easy is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Note: Paypal processes your payment – they are a secure trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. They use the strongest security features available on the internet and never store your financial data on their system. Your credit card data is passed directly to them and no-one  has access to your financial information.

YES!  I want my copy of, “Pro Resumes Made Easy” right now!


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