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Want Government Contracts or win back new clients, and need a Tender/Bid Manager but under resourced?

I get it. I’m a tender/proposals writer and manager, I deal with this stuff every day.

They are tricky, and let’s be honest, tender writing is a love/hate relationship.

Getting government contracts and winning tenders can change your life and your business. But you have to deal with the government.

That means horrible words, lots of them, many of them you don’t understand.

Plus the paperwork and the process, well, that’s a whole other story.

So why do I write them?  Why do I do this?

Lot’s of reasons but first a quick story.

tender writerMy name is Andrea Drew, and 20 years ago I thought I could start a writing business. I knew I’d always liked words, whether that was reading or writing.

Back in 1998 I told my other half “I’d like to start a writing business but no one will pay me.  Everyone can write.”

“No” he said, in that way only a tradie can. (I’m the word nerd remember, he is a mechanical genius)

So I started a writing business.  And what do you know?

People paid me to write.

Why?  Because I made them LOTS of money.

Settle in and I’ll tell you I story of how I did this, including the MILLIONS I made for John.

John rang me.

His commercial cleaning business was in trouble, and he’d soon lose his casual staff if he couldn’t get them more work.

He came to see me. We spent a bit of time together, a couple of hours. He told me about the tender he needed to write to clean several Centrelink offices including window cleaning, and what information they needed.  He’d brought the dreaded request for tender (RFT) documents with him

I asked him some questions to get the specific information I needed.  Along the way I referred him to a Window Cleaning company, I’d known the owners for years.

After it was written, we tweaked it a bit then sent the tender on its merry way.

A few weeks later John rang me.  John sounded cheery.  This was a good sign.

“Andrea I’ve got some news. Centrelink just rang me. They said it was the best tender they’d ever seen. The contract is being sent via express post.”

The contract was worth close to a million dollars over three years, with possible extension for three more years.

After congratulations were in order, we hung up.

The same thing happened with Harrison, owner of a transport company. And Errol, also the owner of a cleaning company.

And Greg, owner of an electrical company.  The same principles can be applied to any business.  I’ve written for LOTS of businesses over the years. Originally I started addressing selection criteria for individuals to get them government jobs.  You can find out more here about selection Criteria

construction tendersAnd Darren, a local builder.

The truth is I LOVE making money for people.  It’s what I do best.

Call me so I can learn more about what you’re running into and how I can help you do the same.

My numbers are 03 8740 3988 or 0405 958 736

Let’s make a time to meet!  I’m based in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Heathmont)

If you still want more information about me, click on the About Me page, or check my reviews out here

To your success…

Andrea Drew