Terms and Conditions

Please read this information prior to purchase.

a) Information is required from you in order to write the best possible career documents.  It is a collaborative effort.  If you do  not think you can answer my questions via email, within the required time frame, and invest in your own future career prospects, I am not the resume writer for you

b) This is a service based business.  Time and expertise spent on replying to emails, phone calls and requests for amendments, cannot be then ‘onsold’ to another client.  All payments are in full prior to assessment of documents or project commencement.  Once information requested is provided, services will commence.

c) Projects are scheduled based on date of payment received, but also information received.  3-5 day turnaround times do not commence until these two pre-requisites have been met.

d) In rare cases, I will refund a client.  However, an administrative fee to cover my time in reading your documents, assessing your requests for information and replying to emails and telephone calls of $90 applies to all refunds.  Where a refund has been provided, I will not extend future services to you.

e) I reserve the right to refund any client at my sole discretion

f) If information requested from you is not received within ten business days (two weeks) it is assumed you are no longer committed to having your career documents written, and the project will be shelved as complete.  No refund will be offered in this situation.

g) An express fee applies in situations where both payment and requested information will not and has not been provided to me to allow sufficient time to allow required time to fully concentrate on rewriting your new career documents.  This fee applies PER DOCUMENT. More particularly, if purchasing a resume and cover letter, this would require additional purchase of one express fee.  Should you also require a document addressing the selection criteria, a second express fee would be payable.  This is to pay for time away from my family to work late nights and/or weekends, as otherwise I work each and every weekend, and my ability to focus on each project diminishes.